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Shikhshaangan (Coaching Centres for the Needy Underprivileged Students): We run two such centres at present. One in Thane and the second one in Rabale ( also called Balwadis at times). There are around 30 students in Thane Shikshaangan and close to 60 students in Rabale Shikshaangan. 

and here, during non-school hours the underprivileged children are coached by appointed instructors. There are two instructors in Thane Shikhshaangan and three to cater to the lower and higher standard students.  In these Shikhshaangan along with covering the school syllabus, emphasis is also placed on  imparting to the children skills such as -- Spoken English, Public speaking, Confidence building measures, etc. We celebrate different functions with the children – such as Independence Day, Diwali, Shivaji Jayanthi, Birthdays of well-wishers etc. We also gift various necessary items to the children (shoes, story books, note books, schools bags, dresses, etc.). .....Link to our Shikshaangan at Thane  ....Link to our Shikshaangan at Rabale

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