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Talks on – (1) Drug Menace and (2) Gender Equality.

Date : 11/02/17 ; Location : Mahanagar Palika Sanchalit Secondary School, Shirvane, Nerul.

Organized the abobe talks for the students and staff. A total of 184 students of standard 9th and 10th  along with some teachers and the Principal attended and participated in the session. Dr. Ajit Magdum, the Chairman of Anvay Pratisthan, an NGO, gave an informative one hour talk on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and on how not to fall victim to drugs. Giving examples from real life situations and movies Dr. Ajit stressed home the point of not falling victims to the unscrupulous drug mafia. The session was followed by an interactive question and answer session. Some of the students answering questions posed were rewarded with chocolates. All the students took a Pledge to not fall victims to Drugs and help in promoting awareness amongst their friends about Drug Menace.

The above session was followed by a talk on Gender Equality by Mrs. Vrushali Magdum, Chief Coordinator of Stree Mukti Sangathana, Navi Mumbai. Mrs. Vrushali, through an interactive session stressed the need to respect girls as equals and not as beings less equal who had to do all household chores and other similar work without the boys contributing in anyway. Many students, especially girls, came forward and expressed their opinion frankly and with great conviction. All the students promised to consider every person of the other gender as equals and treat them with respect.

The session was really wonderful and it was gladdening to note the amount of household work the children put in to support their parents. They carry an extremely cheerful outlook and also put in hard work in their academic studies.

Lalitha and Radhakrishnan were present and coordinated the event.