Activities 2014

08/08/2015 08:39

Activities Planned/Executed in 2014

  •  Yearly Award for Excellence in Academics and Award for  All Round Performance (academics, Sports and other Extra-Curricular activities) in CBSE 12th standard. Certificates along with cash awards of Rs. 5001/- will be given to the winners to encourage academic performance and all round development.  This year the awards were given to Master Prabhjyoth Singh and Master Anagh Singh students of Apeejay School, Nerul.  Certificates along with cash awards of Rs. 5001/- given on the 17th of Feb. 2014. Photographs of the function are attached. Also a copy of the coverage in Mid Day is also attached.
  •    Certificates  and Cash Awards for the first and second rank holders of  the 12th  standard  of CBSE and State Boards in the Science and      Commerce streams – yearly awards. The awards  will carry a cash prize of Rs.5001/-  and Rs.3001/- for 1st and 2nd rank holders resp. and a        certificate.( These awards have been put on hold for the present.)
  •    Academics : Applications were  received from a large number of students requesting financial assistance to enable them to continue with     their   studies. The students are :
  •        School going children
  •        Students wanting to continue their graduation( science, arts and commerce).
  •        Students wanting to do  engineering and students already enrolled for engineering.

        The applications for financial assistance were reviewed. After this interviews ( of students and parents ) were conducted to identify the needy and academically oriented students before the award of financial assistance.

Twenty four students were selected for giving them financial assistance. A brief of the function held to hand over the cheques to the selected candidates :

The 6th of JUly 2014  was a wonderful day in the lives of twenty four  students. It was the day when their thinking was reinforced that there are people who care for them.  Care to ensure that money doesn’t stand in their way of achieving their desire of continuing with their education. SHREERAM RADHAKRISHNAN MEMORIAL TRUST had the privilege and the opportunity of providing financial assistance to these 26 students. Some of these students have just entered the schools and some are doing their engineering degrees. The total amount sanctioned by the Trust runs close to five lakh rupees.

The distribution of the financial assistance was done at a function held at D.Y.Patil Hospital Auditorium. Mr. Rakesh Joshi, the principal of Apeejay School,  Nerul, was the Chief Guest. Prof. E.V.swaminathan the renowned trainer was the Guest of honour. Prior to the wonderful speeches by these two gentlemen the youngsters entertained us with songs and dances. Overall it was a wonderful evening. A truly wonderful evening where after a short span of seven months after the Trust was established we were  able to bring about a change in the lives of 26 children. The Smiles on their faces and on their guardians summed it all.( photos in the photo gallery  ).

This is the start. With well wishers all around we will be able to continue and progress with our plan of reaching out to more and more deserving underprivileged children. The other projects of the Trust  will soon find wings.

         A listing of the selected candidates with a brief information about them have been put up on the site. We continue to receive requests for financial assistance and medical help after the newspapers covered our Trust activities. 

Planned :

  •     Balvadi : Special evening  classes are conducted for the underprivileged children in these classes. These children normally attend municipal schools and as they are not able to get academic guidance at home, our effort through the Balvadi would be to provide these children evening classes where they can be provided coaching to help them in academics. Our Trust will  be sponsoring at least one such Balvadi this year. ( Teachers salaries,books, Uniforms, school bags, etc. ) 
  •    Science and Technology Club : Initiated discussions to start a Science and Technology Club in Nerul to inculcate scientific thinking in the school children. 
  •       Yearly Competitive Exams : We will conduct yearly  competitive exams in science and maths for 9th standard students of Navi Mumbai and award  cash prizes and certificates to the top students-somewhere in the month of October-November.
  •    TB Awareness Campaign : One of the objective of the Trust is to create awareness of the deadly TB disease. Have initiated discussion with Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation doctors  in-charge of  TB. In coordination with NMMC will take up the activity of spreading TB Awareness Campaign in schools and colleges. ( at present NMMC is able to target only the Municipal schools). For this the help of other NGOs will be taken. The campaign will be to tackle the fast pace with the dreaded disease is spreading and creating awareness that TB is no longer a poor man’s disease. Through the schools and college students we wish to spread the information about the necessity for TB patients to complete their courses as otherwise how the virus mutates and becomes MDR/XDR . The target audience will be the students themselves and others they come in contact with ( Household servants, drivers and watchmen). Few good educational links are put up on our web site.
  •  Other Activities : As they come up and are approved by the Board.
  • We are continuing to get applications for financial assistance from students wanting to continue with their studies. We are taking up such new cases based on funds availablity.