Lego Club at Shiksaangan, Rabale

24/04/2018 13:04

Lego Club : The underprivileged children who come to study at our Shikshaangan rarely get to play with toys, let alone toys such as Lego. On Children's Day we gofted them with Lego sets. The Lego toys will help in developing within the children -- creativity, scientific temparament, team spirit, out of the box thinking, coordination, patience, etc.

Nothing else could have been a better gift as seen from their joyous faces and how they were immersed while building using the Lego blocks. On the first day the junior students participated. From the coming week all the students will participate once a week ( Lego toys catering to different age groups have been procured).It is a regularweekly activity which the children look forward to.

The Lego sets ahve been sponsored by Mr. Nitin Khanapurkar.