2016-Educational Financial Assistance to the Needy

12/12/2016 11:56

3rd Educational Financial Assistance to the Needy

( Don’t miss watching the Video--- The Speaker is Mr. Pratish Nair, a Trainer/Coach/facilitator (https://about.me/pratish.nair). He was the guest speaker during the function and he kept the audience captivated. And also roaring with laughter.  We  thank our friend Shekhar Lad for catching the performance on his mobile.) www.facebook.com/Helping-the-Needy-Shreeram-Radhakrishnan-Memorial-Tust-1649760861970084/

On the 24th of July 2016 during the function held at D Y Patil Medical College Auditorium we handed over financial assistance cheques to 121 needy students to help them to pursue their studies. Mr Yogendra Yadav from NASEOH was theChief Guest and Mr. Pritish Nair was the Guest of Honour.

The smile and the happiness on the faces of the 120 odd children and their parents said it all. These were the recipients of the 3rd Educational Financial Assistance from our Trust.

The following file contains complete details of all the assistance provided, the donors, students information, cheques issued, phone numbers and the status of the parents. Donors and others are welcome to call up the students to satisfy themselves about the genuineness of the use of donated funds.

E F A 2016-17 Final Web UPLOAD Sept.xlsx (31413)

The students supported ranged from KG to final year Engineering.

The parents of the students can be categorised into:
a) Around 25% don't have father and the mother is normally a rag picker or having a simple job.
b) In around 10% of the cases the father has left home or is a drunkard.
c) Around 40% of them are Rag Pickers or work in the dumping ground.
d) 15% of the parents have menial jobs... The father lifts loads or works on contract basis on a low paying job.
e) Remaining 10% : Some are Watchmen, Postmen, Drivers or people having not so good jobs.

The total amount of educational financial assistance provided this year till now is around 11 (eleven) lakhs.

Remember... It could have been possible that we, the privileged ones, were born in the places of the underprivileged ones. But we were lucky... So let us not forget this important factor…... It is fate that has separated the privileged from the underprivileged.  Let us share at least a small part of our earnings towards the welfare of the underprivileged.

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It would gladden hearts to know that :

There is a boy in the final year Engineering whom we support. The boy delivers  milk daily to houses and even on the days of exams.
There is also a  boy who works night shift  to support his family. 

There is another boy whose father has forsaken family. This boy used to lift loads in the market to support the family. This boy after diploma in engineering is working in Jindal Drilling.

The financial assistance provided for school students ranges from Rs. 4000/- for 1std. students to Rs.8000/- for 10th std. students.

For College students it is Rs. 10,000/- for XI & XII std., Rs.15,000/- for  students doing their graduation, and the minimum of 60% of college fees or Rs.50,000/- for Engineering students.

We are really thankful to ITD Cementation for their continued financial support  in ensuring the success of our main project-Educational Financial Assistance to the Needy.

We are really thankful to the Management of D Y Patil Group for providing us all the assistance to hold the above event in their wonderful Medical College Auditorium free of cost.

Educational Financial Assistance , September 2016.

Further to the financial assistance provided to the 121 needy students on the 24th of July at the auditorium of  D Y Patil Medical College, financial assistance was provided to four more needy students which brings the number of students supported this year close to 125. ( one in 3rd year Civil, one in 1st yr. Computer Engg., One in FY Arts and the fourth in Std. IX).