Donation and Contact Details

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Donation for a Noble Cause? We generally have a question. Will my donation for a noble cause go the right persons as intended? This is a natural question and we assure that the amount you donate will surely reach the needy as you desire. The following will reassure you that your donation will be fully used for the noble cause and intention that you have:

1) Our Overheads are Nil as of now.

2) We run two Shikshaangans. Will try to add one more by the year end.

3) In our 1st year we supported the Education of 24 students, in the second year the number  increased to 82, and last year it shot up to 120 plus. This year ( 2017) the number of students financially supported by us will increase to more than 200(Function on the 5th of August).

4) We have started Computer Literacy Drive in a Municipal School in Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

5) We have conducted Residential Workshop for Adolescent Girls. Planning for more.

6) We conduct TB Awareness Drive in Schools, Colleges and other Institutions.  This year a  novel and innovative idea to spread the message of the menace of TB has been initiated

7) In a small way we provide Medical Assistance to the Needy.

8)  We will be very soon starting a Science and Technology in a school in Navi Mumbai.

9)  Our book of accounts are always open to any interested person.

9) And we are just less than FOUR YEARS OLD.

In case you are satisfied and wish to make a Donation for a Noble Cause through us, please draw out a cheque in the name of  SHREERAM  RADHAKRISHNAN  MEMORIAL   TRUST and post it our official address. Please include the following details along with your cheque- PAN no., Contact No. , and your address.

Post it to our below Official Address :


D 28, Lavika Palace CHS Ltd.,

Plot No. 255-258, 263-267 Sector 21,

Nerul, Navi Mumbai-400706

Contact Person/Mobile Number

R. Radhakrishnan - 9224284929

In case you wish to make the donation through NEFT, the Trust bank details are given hereunder :

Oriental Bank of Commerce ;  Nerul Station Branch ( E), 400706 
A/ C No.  08922191001548  ;                   IFS CODE : ORBC0100892.

Please ensure to send us the details of your transfer and also - Name of Donor,  PAN no., Contact No. ,  and your address.

We need the details to prepare the donation receipt and will send the same to you at the earliest.

You may make a Corpus Donation in memory of one of your Late Relatives. In this case the amount received under Corpus Donation will be kept as a FD with our  bank and the interest therefrom used for Charitable purposes as advised by the Donor ( the request should fall within the area of the approved Trust Deed – Education and Medical  being the Thrust areas of our Trust ).

To treat the donation as corpus donation we will need a letter in writing from the donor expressing his/her wish to treat the donation as a corpus donation. If such a request is not received then the donation will have to be treated as Voluntary contribution which then normally has to be spent on charitable purposes the same year.

Note :Our Public Charitable Trust is registrated under IT act ( Registration     No.  46735  ). We have 80 G Certification and the Number of  the ‘ CERTIFICATE UNDER SECTION 80-G OF I.T.ACT ‘ for our Trust  is DIT(E)/BC/80G/510/2014-15. Hence any Donation received by our Trust will qualify for exemption under 80 G of the Income Tax Act.

We do not have FCRA Certification and as of now we cannot accept donations from abroad. However donations can be made through your  well-wishers in India.( we will be shortly applying for accepting donations under FCRA )

The names and contacts of the other eight Trustees are available in the  link that follows

If you wish to help the needy through us by making a donation we would be very happy.