Balwadi at Thane

28/11/2016 17:00

The Balwadi started functioning from the 18th of February 2015. The teacher’s name is Mrs. Sharya Shrikant Shinde and is quite dedicated and the children love her.There are 28 children attending the Balwadi and all look very enthusiastic. The children will also be provided the necessary requirements to help them in their studies. Every effort is being made for the children to build their personalities and their speaking skills.

Recently we appointed another teacher ( Mr.Prakash, a 2nd year Engineering student doing computer science) to teach the classes above the 6th the subjects of Science, Maths and English

On another occasion we distributed school bags and a number of stationary items to all the Balwadi children.

We distributed  Dresses  ( T-Shirts for the Boys and Tops and Leggings for the Girls students), Sweets and Puzzles to all the children and spent time with them on the 12th of Feb 2016.

Then on the 31st of March Footwear was distributed to all the twenty eight children. Dr. Swapna, a Dentist,  also conducted a preliminary Dental Check up of the children. Children needing dental treatment will be attended to freely in the doctor's clinic.

Photographs of all the events are posted on Face book and some photographs are also  put up on the website.

 Prof. Rajeshwary Balachandran and family are supporting the Balwadi at Thane.

Stree Mukthi Sangathana provide us the logistic support.

We look forward to your support in serving the society.

For further details on both the Balwadis please visit our Face Book address :

Diwali Celebration 2015

School Bags and other Items Handed over to the Children 2015 

Feb. 2016 : A) Dresses and Sweets and Puzzles being Distributed ( Sponsored by Mr.Ishwarlal Kaji  and Mrs. Padma Ravi)



March 2016 : Dental Camp and Distribution of Footwear


Diwali celebration--2016