Shikshaangan at Rabale

23/10/2017 16:06

Started in the month of June, 2016

We are Happy to inform that the Second Shikshaangan has been started by our Trust in collaboration with Stree Mukthi Sanghatana.
This Shikshaangan is in Rabbale, Bhim Nagar. Our Trust continues to move ahead within its capacity to help the underprivileged to perform better in their studies. We thank all the well-wishers for their contributions.

There are 28 children in this Shikshaangan. The students are split into two batches-- one batch upto the 5th standard by a junior teacher and the rest will be taught by the instructor Mr. Rahul Pawar.

In this Shikshaangan also along with academics we alsoconduct a number of other activities.  One of the important things that the children need is a feeling that there are people like us who care for them. We can make this possible if we all join them and be a part of their activities at least for some time. They want people like us to tell them that- You can also do and achieve whatever you want if you put your heart and soul into whatever you do.

We interact with the children on different occasions– celebrate birthday with them, distributes sweets, toys and games, footwear, dresses, etc. We also celebrate Diwali and other festivals with them.

Independence Day 2016                    Shamathmika's Birthday Celebration- 31st July 2016

 Independence Day 2016

Footwear Distribution-30th Sept. 2016    


Diwali Celebratuin-2016

The children of our Shikshaangans at Thane and Rabale treated to sumptuous meals in memory late Mrs. Seethalakshmi Viswanathan and Late Mr. Sharma. God Bless the Departed Souls.

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Deepavali Celeration - 2017.