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Dear Parents, Sons and Daughters: Welcome to the Site. This site has been set up in the memory of  Late Shreeram Radhakrishnan ( Son of Mr.  Ramaswami Radhakrishnan and Mrs. Lalitha Radhakrishnan), who left this planet earth for heavenly abode on the 3rd of December 2012 after a brief journey on this earth. A journey, the first eighteen years of which brought happiness and joy to all who came in contact with Shreeram and the last eighteen months was a period of extreme suffering the kind of which one wouldn't want even one's enemy to undergo. 

It would be our endeavour to do our best to bring into the lives of others the happiness that Shreeram brought into our lives and also to contribute our might in the fight against the disease that consumed Shreeram.

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Some Photos of our Educational Financial Assistance Award Function for the Underprivileged.

We are all on a short journey on this planet earth. Only one thing is certain in everyone's life and that is Death. Why not when we are here and alive do something that will make the life of the needy a bit more comfortable? Make people feel that here is a person who cares. Cares selflessly. The disparities in life are huge. The underprivileged do need our help. The ones who have been more blessed by God. It is our duty to help the underprivileged in whatever form we can. But, help we must. When each one of us does his or her best we may end up having a better planet.The task is gigantic no doubt. But we all can contribute our might, in whatever small way we can. It is with this intention that we started this Public Charitable Trust in our Shreeram's memory.

If after our death we were to meet God, God will not ask us what wealth we accumulated during our journey on the earth but he surely will ask - what we did with that wealth? Let us all open our hearts and do our bit. Our bit to make this planet a better place by helping the needy. It is these small bits of help that have the potential and power of ushering in a transformation. All the activities of our Trust are covered in the website along with some photographs.

Please visit our facebook page for further information along with all photographs:


( for information on Balwadis ,Educational Financial Assistance Awards to the Needy, Vocational Courses,etc.  )


( for information on our Campaign against the Menace of TB ).

May God Bless Us All.

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